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Learn how to heal tooth decay.

Attention Dental Practitioners . . .

Discover the Benefits of Gentle "Twist" Hand-Burs 

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Tooth decay causes great suffering in the world. That’s the bad news. The good news is . . . YOU* can help heal (arrest) tooth decay.
Tooth decay is rampant throughout the world and the greatest cause of dental problems and pain. But it can easily be inactivated (arrested) with Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF), or Silver Nitrate (SN)—a powerful antimicrobial, especially if coupled with fluoride varnish—also a powerful enamel fortifying agent. SDF has been used for decades in Japan. It’s amazing anti-caries properties makes the following astounding realities possible:
  • Painless treatment without scary needles or powered drills 
  • No aerosol concerns relative to COVID safety
  • Treatment is simple, inexpensive, portable;  ideal for humanitarian aid workers
  • To learn more, email
* No dental or medical background is needed with proper training and local authority clearance


Image by Kate Kozyrka

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