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More team members to be added soon

The following individuals are among the most knowledgeable and experienced dental practitioners at the cutting edge of MMC, the (Medical Management of Caries—e.g. tooth decay).

MMC is a relatively new, little known dental disease treatment approach which prioritizes the genuine healing of tooth decay,  targeting its root causes—halting and reversing its progression.
Only when this is achieved, is it appropriate to consider more costly and complex procedures—if at all. 

Each member has, or will have, a unique page to present their current information and techniques: such as articles, videos, etc.
The content linked to below is only a starting point. More will come as they send it in. We hope you'll check back periodically.  

Dr. Graham Craig, Australia

Dr. Nabil Qutik; Canada:  awaiting content

There are others being presently invited . . . 

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