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Over the past decade, Dr. Frachella has been using silver solutions in combination with glass-ionomer technology to arrest caries while simultaneously addressing destructive dental cavitation (called Silver Modified Atraumatic Restorative Technique - SMART).

Dr. Frachella sees the minimally invasive medical management of caries as a new, historically proven, highly preventive standard of care for the treatment of worldwide populations of children and special needs adults who desperately need dental services the most.

MMC for the whole team - extended talk by Dr. John Frachella.

Dr. Kher is a leading specialist in clinical pediatric dentistry in India.


We are very thankful to Dr. Meenakshi Kher for her 27 years of dedicated care for children, a clinician of very high standards. Her enthusiasm for MMC along with gentle hand burs are a great encouragement to us all. We are honored to have her on our international collaboration team. 

Dr. Horst is the director of clinical innovation at CareQuest Innovation Partners, an organization whose mission is to improve oral health for all by advancing innovation to transform oral health access and outcomes for underserved populations across the U.S. As a practicing pediatric dentist, biochemist, and educator


Medical management of Caries

Hand-Bur Basics

Free instructions for use

and training videos

Case Report from Dr. Thierry Boulanger

Senior Hospital Dental Surgeon, Belgium

Dr. Boulanger started using Hand-Burs in September,  2019.  He says, commenting on his first case:  

"Some would  have placed a HALL crown on this patient  (which was not wanted). Some would have tried SDF alone to remineralize. I chose SMART using hand-burs."

After a few more details he concluded:

"No needle. No handpiece (e.g. no dental powered drill). No vacuum. No noise. No vibration. No AEROSOLS! 

"Thanks to Gerry we placed another wonderful item in our toolkit.”

Case Studies

Report from Dr. Lina Jasulaityte

Case #1 from Dr. Thierry Boulanger

First patient treated with Gentle Hand-Burs.

Case #2 from Dr. Thierry Boulanger

Autistic adult - cooperative, but wants control.

Case #3 from Dr. Thierry Boulanger

Loose filling removal + silver modified Hall Crown.

Since starting to use Gerry hand drills five months ago, they have completely taken over as my go-to instruments for caries excavation in very young, phobic, and hypersensitive patients. In a high speed high productivity private pediatric dental practice it is hard to insert change, but hand drills have aided my efficiency for all of my hardest patients and more importantly dramatically improve the patient experience. No needles, no drills; hand drills are part of the future of caries management.

Jeremy Horst DDS, PhD

Director of Clinical Innovation, DentaQuest

Thank you Gerry for this child friendly technique and for sending me the drill holders. I started using hand drills a few weeks ago. I used it for a child with autism and for a handicapped child, but mainly for the very young ones. Without the hand drills the treatment would not have been possible. I only used hand drills very gently with two or three fingers.

Lina Jasulaityte, DDS Netherlands

In a discussion group about child-friendly dentistry, I read something that I found amazing. Gerry Beauchemin proposed to glue drills to mirror handles to make hand-drills able to access cavities without the noise and vibrations of the handpiece. So I secured a mirror handle in a vice, put some glue and stuck a carbide bur in. I made some with different diameters. Children accept them easily and I feel more comfortable than with other hand opening instruments. Access can be made on the occlusal as well as on the proximal. Carious tissue can then be excavated either with these drills or an excavator. Ideal for SMART restorations.

Dr. Thierry Boulanger, DDS Belgium

I remember my first phone conversation with Gerry and he mentioned making these hand grills using the bottom of a bic pen, J-B Weld cement and a dental bur. He explained how he used them and I was astonished. The use of the “Gerry” drills led, over time, to a fabrication “model” of using an X-Acto knife handle to hold the bur. I started using them at a clinic where I supervise dental students and do some clinical dentistry. It soon became clear how valuable they are. The learning curve is very short. The reciprocating rotation comes naturally to its use. They are the perfect caries remover for doing SMART restorations. They are gentle enough that you do not need any anesthesia when excavating for a SMART restoration. I urge everyone to give them a try.

John Echternach, DDS Vermont

Dear Gerry, I am delighted to share with you today, my first case using ‘Your’ hand drills :)) My first patient was a 26 year old male in the autism spectrum. I practice pediatric dentistry exclusively with the exception being, adults with special needs. Had it not been for the hand drills, I cannot imagine how I could have accessed the lesions. Thank you very much for such a simple yet miraculous invention! It’s beauty lies in its simplicity!

Meenakshi S. Kher, M.D.S India

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