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                                                  The EnDK Initiative 5/1/2022

                                                                           (End Decay)

Dear Friends,

For over a decade, our small group has discussed how to minimize or end the harm from tooth decay. We have tried new measures, conducted research and performed demonstration projects around the world - even on a sidewalk in San Francisco.  We call ourselves EnDK Advocates (End Decay). Members of our group have obtained FDA device and medication approvals; developed a tooth decay risk test; invented three essential tools that don't require electricity; assembled an online library; and written textbooks. We have made many presentations, including a TED talk.  Finally, we submitted a $100 million, competitive MacArthur Foundation grant proposal to care for 600,000 individuals worldwide for 5 years. It was not selected but we will resubmit a greatly improved proposal for the 2023 competition. 


We only need your name as an EnDK Advocate! The U.S. Surgeon General and World Health Organization call tooth decay the silent pandemic. A weakness in our MacArthur grant proposal was the lack of evidence showing strong public demand to end tooth decay.  We need to make tooth decay the noisy pandemic by enlisting the collective voices of children, parents, health professionals, educators, social workers, and sympathetic organizations.

To repeat, we only need your name; nothing more! To submit your name to the Advocate list: text (956) 280-1780, call 800 254-1334, or email Just leave your name and one or two short identifiers (e.g., Jane Jones, parent, musician). We also hope you will ask your family, friends, colleagues and neighbors to add their names to our list too! The list in the PDF will be updated monthly here: 

Who wouldn’t want a world without toothaches?

We pledge to never request donations or share your email address.                Click PDF for our Vision, Mission, & Challenge 


Martin MacIntyre

MID Power Point
Dr. Meenakshi, S. Kher March 28, 2022

MMC Lecture 
Dr. Jeremy Horst

A world without cavities. Learn more about NODK treatment systems.

Pioneer Dentist
Dr. Steve Duffin tells of a breakthrough
in treatment using SDF

Glass Ionomer Hammer Test 
Dr. Doug Young
Validates the value of GIC for MMC

SMART+GIC Sealants
Dr. John Frachella

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