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                             OUTBACK DENTISTRY FOR LAYPERSONS

ODFL is an economical MMC training program for laypersons (non-dentists)
serving as international volunteers of humanitarian service organizations. Training
consists of home study with tele-
dental supervised guidance and evaluation.

Locations of service may be anywhere from an Amazon jungle to an urban city squatter community—wherever  local health authorities welcome your group.

Candidates must be caring persons wanting to help people with dental needs—especially the most deprived populations. We welcome motivated 
self-learners not intimidated by oral procedures.

Services provided include Motivational Oral Health Interviewing,  Povidone Iodine Therapy, Silver Fluoride Application, and  SMART sealants / fillings.
For more
on these therapies, see
RD-I and II.  

Dental and medical professionals are uniquely poised to offer institutional on-site training in medical and dental schools, hospitals, nursing homes, public health facilities, public and private schools (all levels), and community based training in all contexts—venues are limitless. 

We are now accepting applications.  Email 

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