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Enamel Conservation: MMC protocol prohibits removal of unsupported enamel which can be supported and remineralized with quality glass ionomer cement (GIC). An exception would be for self-cleansing purposes when GIC is not an option. See MMC

Clinical Basics: Enamel perforation, trimming; Excavation                                       01:57

HP Long Stem Burs (44.5 mm) are required for maximum security
Inherent Benefits
* Facilitates bur shaft shielding to prevent slipping in enamel perforation
* Makes perpendicular alignment easier and more precise in enamel perforation
* Minimizes lip abrasion due to its long shaft, smooth surface and tiny diameter
* Provides efficient, friction free spinning for the same reason
* Enhances visibility for all distal operations
* Offers easier access to distal areas, particularly third molars
* Permits access to lingual and palatal surfaces across the arch
* Allows close bur-tip handling for greater control
* Provides space for added finger assistance from the opposite hand


Self-Acquired Hand Bur Instructions

Quick-Switch Handle evaluation,  bur Insertion & tightening, marginal ridge perforation, circumferencial cleaning                                                                 03:59

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