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Promote economical, pain-free, medical and holistic approaches
to dental disease prevention and healing for EVERYONE.

We invite ALL like-minded dental practitioners to share their
knowledge and expertise with the world on our MMC page.


Gerry Beauchemin, DT

1989 The Philippines: For about one year, Gerry served as a dental apprentice with the Luke Society. While in that post,  he was accepted in the Canadian Dental Therapy program, having by then, performed over 300 extractions along with numerous scaling procedures.
1990-1992 Saskatchewan: National School of Dental Therapy.  Since graduating from N.S.D.T. in 1992, Gerry has maintained DT licensure as a member of the Saskatchewan Dental Therapists Association.
1994-2001 Senegal W. Africa: Gerry, helped launch, together with Dr. Martine Fritsch (France),  Keru Yakaar (House of Hope), a medical / dental clinic in Dakar. He mentored seven nationals to serve with him as independent clinicians providing urgent dental care at their own stations. This medical center continues to this day. Gerry has since made eight visits to Senegal to encourage and update his former team members.
2001-2019 Mexico, Haiti, Honduras, Guatemala, D.R. of Congo: Gerry practiced and taught ART / SMART classes internationally, mostly in Mexico. He also taught these classes at I.B.C.D., Watts, OK each summer from 2009 – 2019.
2003 Gerry discovered the wonders of hand burs when he glued them into mirror handles. He found that they facilitated caries excavation and greatly simplified ART training. Having used them extensively since, he has refined his technique and training. Gerry has trained over 300 individuals from all walks of life who planned to help those with dental needs in the developing world.

2019-2022 During this time, a growing number of dentists from North America and abroad have been learning about and discovering the wonderful benefits of gentle hand burs in the context of the Medical Management of Caries (MMC). This has inspired and compelled Gerry to strategically promote this combo therapeutic online to all dentists and medical professionals alike. 

Denise Beauchemin

Denise, Gerry’s wife, serves in book-keeping and communications, and shares the same vision and commitment to this mission in helping it realize its goals. Denise also took Gerry's hand's on ART class which helped her get a more comprehensive understanding of the program. Denise serves as the organization's accountant which include's acting as its FDA GUDID* Coordinator.  * GUDID ("Global Unique Device Identifier Database.")  

Dee Danner, DDS 

Dr. Danner retired from a successful dental practice that spanned 35 years. As senior dental adviser, he graciously offers advice and counsel in all aspects of DCFA courses and website content. Dee keeps up with dental developments that relate to MMC; having become indispensable to our mission. He serves with deep dedication. Janet Danner, Dee's wife, took Gerry’s class in 2004. See "More Testimonials" on the Home page for an account of Janet's experience with Gentle Hand-Burs. Dee, subsequently, audited his next class. Dee and Janet have served with Gerry on several trips to Mexico and have practiced and taught ART classes in numerous countries abroad.

Jason Padvorac, BA (biomechanical engineering)
Meggan Padvorac, PhD (philosophy)

Jason Padvorac, BA (biomechanical engineering) Meggan Padvorac, PhD (philosophy)
Jason and Meggan have trained with Gerry in Mexico and served in the refugees camps on the border of Cambodia and Thailand. Meggan and Jason also assisted Gerry in I.B.C.D. classes and taught SMART classes in Mexico and Alaska. They desire to help take this mission into the future.

Azarja Groot, BA (aviation science; pilot)
Renee Groot, BA (science / teaching major; home-school education; insurance agent)

Azarja and Renee (son-law, daughter of Gerry and Denise) are partners with Gerry and Denise in the Gentle Hand-Bur mission of bringing Gentle Hand-Burs to the world. They also desire, and are committed, to taking this mission into the future.