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Dr. Meenakshi S Kher, M.D.S.

We are very thankful to Dr. Meenakshi Kher for her 27 years of dedicated care for children, a clinician of very high standards. Her enthusiasm for MMC along with gentle hand burs are a great encouragement to us all. We are honored to have her on our international collaboration team. 

Leading specialist in clinical pediatric dentistry in India.

A graduate of the Government Dental College & Hospital, Mumbai (1991).

Dr. Meenakshi Sivasankar Kher received her Master’s degree in Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry from the Nair Hospital Dental College, Mumbai. In 1995 she established the ‘HAPPY TOOTH CLINIC FOR KIDS’ in Mumbai city.

One of the first of its kinds in the country, the practice is dedicated exclusively to managing the oral health needs of children from infancy to 18 years. Dr. Meenakshi’s passion and commitment to children’s oral health has ensured that thousands of children have successfully received quality dental care at the center.

She takes a special interest in the fields of minimally invasive dentistry, dental traumatology, treating children with disabilities and in the efficient use of soft tissue lasers in children. Dr. Meenakshi loves trekking with husband Udatta and their son Saatvik. She is passionate about Indian classical music and tries to make time in her schedule for the continuation of her study in vocal music.

No incentives at all were offered to Dr Kher for her endorsements

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