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Chairside Bur Changing

Some Benefits of HP Long Stem Burs:

* Facilitates bur shaft shielding to prevent slipping in enamel perforation 
* Makes perpendicular alignment easier and more precise in enamel perforation
* Minimizes lip abrasion due to its long shaft, smooth surface and tiny diameter
* Provides efficient, friction free spinning for the same reason
* Enhances visibility for all distal operations

* Offers easier access to distal areas, particularly third molars
* Permits access to lingual and palatal surfaces across the arch
* Allows close bur-tip handling for greater control and pressure
* Provides space for added finger assistance from the opposite hand

A good source for HP burs are In addition to fair prices, they allow orders to consists of any number of individual sizes:

RA/LA short burs are fine for excavation in easy access regions,

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